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Digital Signage

dynamic communication in the public space


With television came the need for our own content in different services, such as queuing systems and dynamic information – dynamic posters, digital signage and even environments ensured by things that we just call screens. Welcome to the universe of digital signage.

Digital Signage

Since it is associated with a television channel, it became designated as Instore TV or Corporate TV, a digital communication channel at its point of sale, at your company, in a public place, indoors or outdoors.

These channels are created for several purposes: influencing sales, provide an entertaining wait, communicating with your employees, advertising, setting an environment, activate a brand, among others.

Each channel is a channel. Despite the common foundations, there is something that makes all the projects distinctive and unique: the audience and the communication goals. It is based on these elements that we define the screen’s position, experience and interaction with the channel.

Concept, Design e Content

Every business and space has its own specificities. Our job is to develop along with idiosyncrasies towards the appropriate concept of communication and design, strategy and content production of the communication channel.

Convergences of Competencies

Our experience in interactive design and web development allows us to create “smart” solutions for content management.

Convergence with other company information sources, such as queuing, CRM – Customer Relationship Management, Intranet – internal circuit internet, or integration with social networks are normal developments.

Our References

In a business area where we continue to innovate and present appropriate solutions to each business and space, here are some of our projects and clients that we can not forget to mention:

Current projects: Alegro Alfragide and Setúbal, Jumbo, AT, Dolce Vita Tejo and Remax.

Other projects (not less important): Galp TV, Repsol Channel (Portugal and Spain), Pharmacy TV, Canal GPSaúde, Canal Viva, Tangerina Caffé, Banesto.

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Solutions and Partnerships in Digital Signage

A digital signage project is not one-sided only – it’s important to choose good content management software and the suitable hardware. Good technology partners ensure the installation and maintenance of equipment and therefore partnerships are crucial. For this reason we have our own network of partnerships with companies such as Ubisign, Fujitsu or Displr.

Looking for a digital signage solution for your business? Talk to us!

We guarantee that we have a good idea reserved exclusively for you – see our portfolio for some examples.