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ActiveMedia’s concept of a Manifest

After 15 years of history – which we are very proud of – we wanted to mark another chapter by confirming what has always existed, informal and implicit, renewing our vows, not only with a new image and communication, but with a clear statement of our principles:


  • Question everything.
  • Never choose shortcuts. Never underestimate yourself.
  • Start from scratch. Be a blank slate. The end is never near.
  • Choose the longest path and enjoy the scenery. Do best: Explore it! Discover other ways and above all create new ones.
  • Create and be the empowerers of your own ideas. Be those who surpass challenges with persistence and passion.
  • The medium is not the message. The message is not the means.
  • You are digital and everything else. You are content, but never contained.
  • You are creative, but not predictable.
  • You are you.
  • ActiveMedia.is/ YOU

How about you?

Have you thought about writing your own Manifest?