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Video & Motion Graphics

new formats, new platforms = more interaction


It is estimated that video consumption in 2019 will be 80% of online traffic. Are you prepared for this trend?

Vídeo & Motion Graphics

This is the trend for the upcoming years.

Rich in content, easy to use and immediate, easy to share and spread. Production capacities improve day by day and social networks increasingly focus on giving it an more notable role.

It is not only Youtube, but also Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram stories, among others, and now it also arrives to your website!

This medium adapts to all platforms and is the content king of the moment.

Short Stories

Rethink the most recurring content - events, interviews, special events, tutorials, - everything can be turned into video and shared with your audience.

Position your audience as a priority, think about the topics, think about your stories, and create a video that they will relate to and have interest in.

Production & Motion Graphics

Being that stories are the starting point, the production uses the most appropriate means to give them body - real image, motion graphics, cinemagraphs, gifs and animated illustrations for web, tutorials screenshots, among others.

Curiosity: One of the major trends on the web right now is the use of animated images instead of photographs, whether gifs or cinemagraphs.


Interactive approaches in video are limited, but liberating. We are no longer limited to the current time, we can jump between chapters, answer a quiz, see the story in different perspectives, and go into more detailed content.

Video is certainly a mean to discover to allow you to improve the relationship with your audience.

Square or Vertical?

For each video, depending on the platform, we must consider the appropriate formats.

In square it works better on Facebook, for example, but for mobile vertical is the better choice, and we are not even considering all the possibilities of virtual reality (VR). Each format has a better experience for better results.

Youtube Marketing

It remains the prime online video platform to the date. That’s why if you are dedicated to this platform, it is worth treating your channel well to be a reflection as worthy of your brand as your site.

Video & Motion Graphics 1

The video is clearly a trend to follow!

Think about content, think about the many platforms where you can distribute it, think about your audience, think about sharing –  everything will turn into results.

Let’s think together?